Who would’ve thought the humble tee could stir such waves in the fashion world? The KENZO tiger motif was everywhere and for the first few months it launched, I’m pretty sure it was sold out everywhere. Finally I managed to get my hands these puppies, albeit a year behind the trend but being from the land down under, by the time any trends hit our shores we’re already a season late so in the grand scheme of things, I think it’s OK.

I look forward to wearing my Kenzo out, the only concern is the beanie, aesthetically I think it looks great. Lime neon green goes suprisingly well with the lavendar hue t-shirt but the two items are on opposing weather teams. I keep asking myself, if I wear a beanie with a T-shirt, is it the equivalent of wearing a scarf and shorts because that’s a cardinal fashion crime. Am I a walking fashion faux pas and I don’t even know it? Sometimes dressing myself hurts my brain.

What do you think? Can one wear a beanie and t-shirt at the same time? 


1. Kenzo T-Shirt: Green With Envy
2. Blue Satin shorts: American Apparel
3. Tiny Dance: Beanie

Kenzo Tshirt1 1024x682 OOTD: THE KENZO TEE

Kenzo Tshirt2 1024x741 OOTD: THE KENZO TEE






Brisbane’s food game is really giving Melbourne a run for it’s money! All I could think about following this visit was, when will we get one in Melbourne and how soon can I go back to order everything I missed the first round! Everything was just superb at the tasty joint, from the aesthetics to the menu to the friendly staff, I would say this is a must-visit if you are in Brisbane.


The whole place is cow-themed, you won’t miss it! The shop has a brilliant layout. There’s a frozen yoghurt section, customise your ice-cream station and a dessert & bar section so you should definitely try to work you way across, maybe over multiple visits, depending on how much you can eat and drink!


The first time you walk into COWCH, it’s pretty daunting. You’ll probably be mesmerised by the “Magnum” Vending Machine WallDon’t use that term when you go in though, I made it up but you’ll know what I mean. Photographic references below if you read on!

I could tell that the staff know first time visitors, we must all share the same expression, the look of awe and the awkward “I don’t know how to order” look on our faces. The staff are well trained in breaking the ice because they made me feel comfortable straight away and went on to describe all the options available. The best way to conquer the cowch menu is to focus on one thing and go from there. I decided on the customised “magnums”.


I went with this option just because I really wanted the mint ice-cream and the pomegranate ice-creams. Very easy process: 1. Pick your ice-cream 2. Choose the chocolate to be dipped in: Milk, White, Dark 3. Choose your toppings. You get two complimentary and if you feel particularly wild you can add more. 

I was understandably indecisive choosing the toppings, you need to be quite the taste connoisseur at this point. Do strawberries work with mint? Can pomegranate be matched with Honeycomb? Brain said no, but the tastebuds loved it. You’ll seehow they turned out below


A BIG FAT THUMBS UP! Not cheap so prepared to splash out a bit, what you get in return will be well worth it!

cowch display1 1024x593 COWCH DESSERT & COCKTAIL cowch pomegranate magnum1 1024x682 COWCH DESSERT & COCKTAIL

cowch pomo choco 1024x682 COWCH DESSERT & COCKTAIL cowch mintchoco 1024x682 COWCH DESSERT & COCKTAIL udderly cowch 1024x682 COWCH DESSERT & COCKTAIL

image 1. “Magnum” Vending Machine Wall. Flavours from top to bottom: Milk chocolate, White Chocolate, Pomegranate, Mint // image 2. The ice-cream masterpieces. // image 3. Pomegranate ice-cream with milk chocolate flakes and honeycomb // image 4. Mint Ice-cream with Fresh strawberries and coconut. // image 5. Cowch interiors 



I know I speak for many girls when I talk about that stage in our lives where we felt the incessant need to purchase a new dress every time we went out. Some of us may still be in that vicious cycle. There is no escaping it, it’s like  a rite of passage into womanhood. With each new dress comes a…

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